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Yesterday we had Koror elementary school, 5th graders visit us for a science program for how to preserve the reef with aquaculture. They learnt about what we do but also got to learn how to plant or "frag" corals for production! Thanks to Helen Xu for helping teach these kids skills for the future!
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So that's where all our plumbing fittings are disappearing to!
Hermit crabs are native in Palau and we often find them near the dogs food or around our clam raceways. Some of them are juvenile coconut crabs and they eventually get too big to carry a home!
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Biota Aquariums2 weeks ago
Thanks for the visit SDA 2nd grade!
Happy Birthday to Clinton!!!

Please visit us again!
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Biota Aquariums4 weeks ago
Got Aiptasia? We have the filefish for that
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